Build appears good but card won't boot

Chris Miller (MESL) chris.miller at
Sun Aug 31 00:33:27 CEST 2014

Hi Ronny,

I'm using a fairly old version of VMWare Workstation (host=Win 7 64 
host).  Not sure if it would host a Virtualbox VM,

I'll look out for the bug fix - thanks for the update.

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*Subject: *Re: Build appears good but card won't boot
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*Date: *30/08/2014 21:38
> Hi Chris
> I've tested Nard with Fedora 20 32bit in a VirtualBox VM the past week. I'm
> unable to reproduce "the missing files in /lib" issue. However, I've found
> some other problems which needs a prompt fix. I'll release a bugfix in a
> couple of days.
> If you are interested I could perhaps publish my VM too. Would it be of any
> use for you to try out? Which hypervisor are you using?
> /Ronny
> ----------------------------------------------
>> OK...
>> I booted up the card made from the image downloaded from your web site.
>> Logged in
>> cd /lib
>> tar czvf libs.tgz /lib/l*
>> copied the(1.5Mb)  tarball to my build system at intermediate/fs/lib,
>> expanded it with tar xzvf libs.tgz, re-ran make skeleton, created a new
>> SD card from the resulting sdcard.img.gz and I now have a system which
>> boots.
>> I admit this is a horrible hack, but it pins the problem down to just
>> those libraries being missing.  Please let me know if there is any other
>> information I can provide which would help you work out why the libs are
>> not being included automatically.
>> Best regards,
>> Chris
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>> *Subject: *Re: Build appears good but card won't boot
>> *From: *Ronny Nilsson <rln-nard at>
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>> *Date: *22/08/2014 20:42
>>> Hi
>>> I've had a look and I think I've found an issue. Some librarys are
>>> missing from /lib! Apparently the the buildsystem doesn't include them
>>> automatically for you as it should do. I will need to look in to it;
>>> there must be an incompatibility with Fedora 20 or something.
>>> /Ronny

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