Custom application cannot be compiled

FAUX Manuel Manuel.FAUX at
Wed Nov 11 16:56:39 CET 2015


I'm trying to add a customized application to nard, but my Makefile always fails with
"No rule to make taget Python-3.5.0", even I've defined the target as mentioned in
the example on the nard webpage:

.PHONY: all $(PKG_VER)
all: $(PATH_FS)/usr/sbin/$(PKG_NAME)
$(PKG_VER): $(PATH_FS)/usr/sbin/$(PKG_NAME)

.PHONY: install
install: $(PATH_FS)/usr/sbin/$(PKG_NAME)
$(PATH_FS)/usr/sbin/$(PKG_NAME): $(PKG_VER)/.nard-build
        install -m 0755 -d "$(dir $@)"
        $(CP) -uavf "$(PKG_VER)/$(PKG_NAME)" "$@"

$(PKG_VER)/.nard-build: $(std-deps)
        cd $(dir $@) && ./configure CFLAGS="$(CROSS_CFLAGS)" \
                --prefix=/usr --host=$(CROSS_TUPLE)
        $(MAKE) -C "$(PKG_VER)"
        touch "$@"

Without diving too deep into the provided by nard, I guess $(PKG_VER) is being
set to the second part of PKGS_APPS after the slash; so I've set
PKGS_APPS += python3/Python-3.5.0 and so there should be a rule for $(PKG_VER),
which is some lines below...

What am I missing?


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