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Fri Nov 13 16:46:16 CET 2015

The product recipe is in fact a simple Makefile, so dependencies set there 
can "force" applications to be built in a specific order.

	dir2/myapp2: dir1/myapp1

The above is a plain usual Make rule which forces myapp1 to be built before 

A method for refering to a different app within an app is described on the 
But I can summarize it here too. The application nard/apps/mpg123/ is an audio 
player which references drivers by adding:
	include $(PATH_APPS)/salsa-lib/
in its Makefile. Any custom voodoo one need for linking against Salsa is then 
put in that which everybody who needs Salsa includes.

By now you are on the more advanced uses of Nard!  :)


> Hi Ronny,
> The example you've mentioned actually deals with run-time dependencies. I'm
> looking for something like build-dependencies. How can I best refer to a
> different app within an app's Makefile? I think calling "$(dir
> $@)../../Python/Python/python_host" is not really elegant... ;)
> Also I would need to force, that Python gets built before my app...
> Thanks,
> Manuel
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> Hi
> This can be done in the product recipe. Read the comments in
> 	nard/platform/skeleton/
> There you can find an example.
> /Ronny
> ------------------------------------------
> > Hi,
> >
> > Would would be the correct way to use build dependencies in Makefiles
> > of apps?
> >
> > In my case I want to build a Python module, which obviously requires a
> > Python interpreter to be compiled. So in my Makefile at some point I need
> > to call "$(HOST_PYTHON)", where HOST_PYTHON would be a
> > reference to the Python interpreter in the same version as the nard
> > Python/Python-3.5.0 app (but compiled for the compiling system
> > architecture, not for ARM). This Python interpreter actually was compiled
> > by the python app (since building Python also requires a Python binary).
> >
> > What's the best way to refer to that (already compiled) Python binaray?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Manuel

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