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Ronny Nilsson rln-nard at
Wed Jun 7 14:34:38 CEST 2017

I guess you want to test small changes in the board on your desktop? Then 
there are several options for transferring minor sets of files.

Built into Nard is a utility for local file copy. Upload a file with SCP (SSH) 
like this:
	$ make upload 192.168.x.y my.conf /etc
Get additional info with:
	$ make help

Another method is to export a directory from your PC with NFS and mount that 
in the target. Then you can have a config file open in a PC editor at all 
times while still the target receives any changes  immediately. Here are the 
commands to run in the target:
	$ mkdir -p /mnt/xxx
	$ mount -t nfs <pc-ip-addr>:/export/xxx /mnt/xxx -o soft,fg,intr,nolock


> Hi.
> Do it exist any way to repack intermediate/fs to a sdcard.img for upgrades
> without recompiling stuff?
> i think it would be useful to be able to make smaller changes in config
> files and similar and just repack it and test it.
> Best regards
> Axel Hynsjö

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