Build appears good but card won't boot

Ronny Nilsson rln-nard at
Fri Aug 22 21:42:01 CEST 2014

I've had a look and I think I've found an issue. Some librarys are missing 
from /lib! Apparently the the buildsystem doesn't include them automatically 
for you as it should do. I will need to look in to it; there must be an 
incompatibility with Fedora 20 or something.

> Here is a dropbox link
> I will try another 'make skeleton' with fresh extraction as soon as I
> get the chance and report back.
> Many thanks,
> Chris
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> *Subject: *Re: Build appears good but card won't boot
> *From: *Ronny Nilsson <rln at>
> *To: *chris.miller at
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> *Date: *22/08/2014 15:54
> > Very interesting problem... Yes, please publish your sdcard.img.gz and
> > I'll have a look at it.
> >
> > Does the issue persist if you start all over again? That is, extract
> > released nard-v0.01.tar.gz again, in a new empty folder and immediately
> > do a "make skeleton"?
> >
> > /Ronny
> >

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