Build Dependencies

Ronny Nilsson rln-nard at
Fri Nov 13 13:38:35 CET 2015

This can be done in the product recipe. Read the comments in
There you can find an example.


> Hi,
> Would would be the correct way to use build dependencies in Makefiles
> of apps?
> In my case I want to build a Python module, which obviously requires a
> Python interpreter to be compiled. So in my Makefile at some point I need
> to call "$(HOST_PYTHON)", where HOST_PYTHON would be a
> reference to the Python interpreter in the same version as the nard
> Python/Python-3.5.0 app (but compiled for the compiling system
> architecture, not for ARM). This Python interpreter actually was compiled
> by the python app (since building Python also requires a Python binary).
> What's the best way to refer to that (already compiled) Python binaray?
> Thanks,
> Manuel

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